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Denise & Guests
Denise and guests during a Quilting Getaway at Pieceful Valley, February 2-4, 2007.
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 Rebecca Grant
Columbia, Kentucky

Way to go, Denise . . . we are proud of you for sharing your knowledge with others.
Quilters "sew" together . . .

See article from Columbia Magazine -
Five Texans fly to Nashville and motor to Columbia for quilting lessons

2/05/07 06:20:55 AM 
 Dawn Alexander
New York

This is great!  Denise's retreats are a wonderful idea.  And the price is phenomenal!  I am soooo impressed! 4/11/03 3:47:13 PM 
 Dean Lee

Hi Denise, If you haven't figured it out yet this is DEAN your cuz.  Got your address from your Dad and had to drop by to say HI. 7/28/01 3:07:59 PM 

To all of our guests, thanks for a wonderful weekend.  The open house was fun and we enjoyed having everyone's company.
We'll do it again this fall.  See ya!
6/25/01 8:21:56 AM 

Nice to see your website!  I'm looking forward to visiting The States and bringing you my quilt for quilting (my daughter is getting married).  Anine in Denmark. 2/15/01 7:55:17 AM 
 Donna Christie

Good work!  I will have to get a group together to come and visit sometime this spring or summer.
Good luck, and Happy Quilting.
2/13/01 6:36:51 PM 
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